"Thank your for helping us make our kitchen remodel dreams come true. We appreciate your honesty and integrity in doing business. You worked diligently to get things accomplished in a timely fashion. when we cam upon little opstacles your had excellent solutions that maintained the quality of the finished project. " I can do that! " was your response when we talked about our need and desires. When we showed you the tile we picked out for the kitchen backsplash you offered a design pattern that was beautiful. We appreciated that your worked will with other suppliers too, such as Babl Kitchen & Bath and Jacobi's Carpet One. We love how our kitchen turned out. Thank you again."

Joe and Xan

"We moved into our home that L & M Covenant built for us in May 2011. We were thrilled then and still couldn’t be happier with our home. When we put in the offer, it was a spec home, yet we feel like it was as if he was building his own home. Lucas put a lot of attention to detail and took great care in the quality of the construction. We still tour open houses because it’s fun to look at what is available and when we compare the work done in those houses to ours, there is no comparison. The materials used in our house are solid, quality materials. The finish work is impeccable. "

"Our house is also very unique-in Kearney the builders tend to copy each other and there isn’t a lot of differentiation. Our home has features that are very distinctive and upscale-from the floor plan to the tile design to the color of the woodwork, etc."

"If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing and would be happy to have Lucas build any future home for us."

Erica & Jesse Keel

"We are very happy with the outcome of our recent project with L & M. The quality in the finished product was beyond what we had expected! "

Terry and Jane

"Our family relocated to Kearney from Western Nebraska for work, and began searching for a home here. Our previous home is more than four hours away. Since Kearney has such a dynamic real estate market, we discovered quickly we would either need to be able to drop everything in an instant to tour an any new-to-market properties of interest, or make offers on houses “sight unseen” and hope for the best. After four instances of missed opportunites, we decided to build. Our realtor suggested L&M Covenant Construction, and a few of our acquaitences suggested other contractors. We interviewed a few, but Lucas was immediately a standout."

"We knew we wanted a custom home. We knew we wanted a small acerage. We knew we wanted quality. We also knew we needed guidance. We’d remodeled a house, but never considered having one built from the ground up. Thus, we were a bit vague on some of the details. We had wants: all the bedrooms in the same area; a large master suite; an open living space. But much of our vision was incomplete. During our first interview with Lucas we found him to be both interested and excited for the challenge. He took the time to listen to us, to make sure he understood our developing vision, to look at several plans with us and gage our interest. Our second meeting was a tour of his most recent project: a home that was just recently completed.We walked through that home with an eye to detail. Having remodeled an old house, we’ve had to fix other people’s mistakes. Simply stated, we liked what we saw and hired L&M Covenant Construction. From the beginning of the project, Lucas was great to work with. The first milestone of the project was siting the house on the land. I arrived at the site after the footprint was staked. It was wrong. I wanted to move it. Lucas agreed to move it, but didn’t think it should be moved as much as I thought. “We canbuild it there, but I don’t think you’ll be happy”, he said. We compromised, and after it was too late to change things I had second thoughts. Turns out, Lucas was right. The siting of the house couldn’t be better. If I hadn’t listened to him, we’d missthe breathtaking summer sunsets we’ve enjoyed."

"The entire project was a cooperation between us. He had ideas, we had ideas. We put them together and we ended up with a great home. From the beginning we understood that Lucas prides himself on his finish work, and we’re not a bit disappointed. The trim in our home is immaculate. L&M provided quality construction throughout the entire house, and their attention to detail has even been mentioned by our new neighbors. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product.During construction, I speculated several times on our “next project”. If we ever need to build again, we plan to hire L&M Covenant Construction."

J T & Tanya